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is an all-round customer mobile experience management platform.

Beacons and Push Notifications

Beasmart Mobile Applications integrate Beacons for proximity notifications. With Beacons and Bluetooth Low Energy, notifications can be sent to devices in proximity to Beacon Devices, reaching users on the spot. Additionally with instant Push Notifications, you can reach your users practically everywhere.


With an integrated Mobile App CMS, you can create your Brand’s Mobile app for iOS and Android users. With the CMS you can create and update your content and notifications.

Social Media

With integrated Social Media, users have direct access to your Brand’s social media channels, are able to share their visit on your location with their friends.

Redefine the
user interaction

With the integrated campaign creator, you can build and manage on-location marketing activities to differentiate and provide a cohesive customer experience.


Mobile App CMS

Create your own Mobile App both for Android and iOS with the friendly to use online Content Management System (CMS). Access the CMS to manage your content at any time.

Proximity Based Notifications NEW

Proximity Notifications can be sent to users when they are in proximity to specific locations. Users will receive personalized indoor experience including Multimedia content or product information based on their interests and location. They can even receive personalized marketing content such as coupons and more.

Push Notifications

Push notifications can be sent to all app users, or selected user groups to enable reach even if a user is not within the beacons range. A selection of filters is available to ensure that you reach your audience at the right moment.

Social Integration
Coming Soon

Social Media Integration is a strong feature of Beasmart. Your brand’s Facebook Page, Instagram Profile, Twitter profile can be incorporated with your mobile app, enabling users to check in your physical location or stay up to date with your latest Social Media Happenings.

Smart Indoor Navigation
Coming Soon

Beasmart offers interactive indoor navigation. Users have the option to view the location points and map and select points to navigate indoors. This feature is especially useful for large complexes or multi stores, airports and museums.

User Segmentation

Users are categorized based on their active interests. Facebook interests can be used as the initial data in the system to provide a more specialized experience. Furthermore as the user continues to use the app, Beasmart will collect user location data on the spot to match it with additional preferences.

Targeted Campaigns

You have the ability to create marketing campaigns within the CMS, access reports related to the usage of beacons and get reports related to the traffic locations and volume. Additionally you can create promotions and have analytics based on users’ behavior.

Advanced Reporting

Beasmart CMS can provide suggestions based on historical data of beacons usage within the whole platform. Additionally for each campaign all related data is accessible including number of received devices, number of engagements and other relevant user information.


Beasmart.Mobi Technical Aspects

Beasmart is composed of a Content Management System (CMS) and incorporates Beacons and Push notifications. Beacons are small devices that broadcast Bluetooth signal which a mobile device can receive and with the use of your custom mobile app, perform specific actions (Receive Notifications, Open a Website, Provide a Video Presentation of a Product and more). Beacons can be easily attached to any location or object they transmit Bluetooth LE v4.0 Signal and they have a fully adjustable radius of signal broadcast (up to 70 Meters).

With the integrated custom app builder, you can create your brand’s mobile app, select the content to offer to your app users, integrate with your social media channels and reach them with Push Notifications when they are not in range with a Beacon Device.


Beasmart is an online platform which offers the ability to create your own customized mobile app.

Beasmart includes the Online App CMS platform and the mobile app. The Online App CMS is used for creating and modifying the content which will be displayed in the mobile app.

1 Create

1 Create

Create your app with our app builder and assign beacons.
2 Place

2 Place

Place beacons in strategic locations.
3 Inform / Download

3 Inform / Download

Inform guests about Download App and switch on Bluetooth.
4 Notify

4 Notify

App user benefits from Beacons received notifications.


Basic Plan

  • (+ Start up Plan)
  • Social Media: Facebook Feed in App
  • Analytics: Google analytics Integration
  • RSS Screens: RSS Feed Screens
  • Beacon Management & Scheduling based on user preferences

Advanced Plan

  • (+ Basic Plan)
  • Push Notifications: Text Notifications and Image Notifications
  • Interactive Indoor Navigation
  • Additional Beacon notification types: Audio, Video

Full Plan

  • (+ Advanced Plan)
  • Push Notifications: Advanced Link, HTML, Image
    Create push notification/beacon notification from social media feed through Beasmart CMS


Capo Bay Hotel located in Protaras, Cyprus, has successfully utilized Beasmart to provide an enhanced experience to guests and also to promote the Art Section located in the hotel. Beasmart CMS can provide solid functionality and productivity along with flexibility and reliability. Capo Bay Hotel can now schedule proximity notifications and content to be sent to Capo Bay Mobile App users, while being in full control of their mobile app. The hotel's guets can receive information related to the Art Pieces located in the hotel when they pass by them, receive information related to other hotel services when they are near these services, navigate indoors or be informed about offers and discounts at the hotel’s restaurants and bars.

Development of the project is advancing to provide analytics related to customer behaviors, social media integration as well as more personalized experience for each hotel guest.


One of the Key features of Beasmart is the fact that it comes with our expert support. Contact us at any time and we will get back to you!

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